Terrance Mccoy


His Musical Influences:

As a musical artist, Terrance’s life echoes that of his artistic influences. Varied and soulful, Terrance’s voice speaks of pain yet abounding hope – and it’s this hope that drives him to be transparent in his story and in his music. Growing up humbly on a farm in Texas, Terrance would listen to the radio and play with his siblings on hay bales to the sounds of Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Alabama, Styx, Queen and Peter Cetera. Teenage years found Terrance in worship Bands to school big bands, and it's this eclectic mix of influence inspires Terrance in his writing and songs. His influences, however, evolve. To stay current, Terrance will not stay in the past but in the present as well. Some updated influences include Alabama Shakes, Maroon 5, Need To Breathe and The Oh Hellos.

His Story:

Terrance McCoy’s life of transparency begins at birth when he was brought into the world surrounded by difficult and uncertain circumstances, leaving Terrance without parental presence at a young age. God’s grace brought Terrance to live with his grandparents and siblings, singing with his grandmother at church and spending summers at church camps. Unknown to his grandparents, Terrance endured sexual abuse from outside the home that gave way to broken family relationships and addictions. Terrance’s musically-inclined grandmother planted a seed for Terrance, and as a teenager he poured himself into music. Eventually, it became God’s way of rescue for Terrance in several life-defining moments.  Terrance’s silent addictions showed themselves in adulthood through destructive ways as his anger and shame led him into a deep depression, leaving him homeless. It was at this rock-bottom moment that God spoke clearly to Terrance and gave him strength and wisdom to overcome his addiction and to change his situation. Terrance began a road of recovery and redemption as Louisiana became his new home, and a job change led Terrance to return to music and writing once more. Varied and soulful, Terrance’s voice speaks of pain yet abounding hope – and it’s this hope that drives him to be transparent in his story and in his music. Transparency, Terrance’s debut album confronting and exposing his past, released September 2017. 

His Last 2 Years:

God’s timing is everything. Terrance and his High School sweetheart from 30 years ago found each other again. Terrance and Lisa Ann McCoy were married April 1, 2017 at the Grand Canyon. They have 3 daughters. Haley, Emily and Kalee (Kalee went home after a fatal car accident in 2008) They live in their home in Columbia, TN just a wee bit South of Nashville. Terrance has recorded his debut album, Transparency. The album has received rave reviews from CCM, New Release Today and many others. Terrance daughter, Haley decided last year that she wanted to finish High School at her mother’s home. After a heartbreaking release, Terrance, Lisa and his step-daughter, Emily, moved to the Volunteer state.

Terrance and Lisa travel the world, sharing Transparency and Lisa’s brand new book, “Beauty Always Rises”. They connect with churches, Celebrate Recovery, Homeless shelters and tons of other music venues all over the states.

To their shock, radio took a special interest in 3 songs off the album. Put A Little Love In It is playing all over the United States in over 100 radio stations. Burn is quickly catching up with 75 stations and Dwell released 11-12-18. Make Me, the first Single apart from Transparency, released to radio on March 4, 2019. All 4 songs made the Top 20 streams and downloads chart. It’s an accomplishment that surprises and confirms what God is clearly doing in their lives. Lisa was right. Beauty Always Rises.